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  • Vintage birds pestle and mortar | H is for Home

    Pestle and mortar


  • Triangular pottery lady dish | H is for Home

    Pottery dish


  • Vintage Logan Shafford sardines tin dish | H is for Home

    Sardine tin dish


  • Vintage Hornsea Pottery apple salt shaker | H is for Home

    Salt shaker


  • Green vintage Hornsea Pottery 'Heirloom' spice rack and jars | H is for Home

    Spice Rack


  • Sold Out! Vintage Figgjo Flint Saga jug | H is for Home

    Pottery vase


  • Vintage Turi Daisy lidded casserole dish | H is for Home

    Casserole dish


  • Vintage Dolly Days coffee service | H is for Home

    Coffee set


  • Sold Out! Vintage 550-10 Scheurich West German vase | H is for Home

    West German vase


  • John Russell Black Velvet tea trio | H is for Home

    Tea trio


  • Sold Out! Vintage Hostess Tableware Dolly Days coffee set designed by John Russell

    Coffee set


  • Sold Out! Soholm Bornholm dish

    Pottery dish


  • Dolly Days trio


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